Business Wealth Management

Using our uniquely developed toolset, we identify your position on the business wealth lifecycle starting with a Harris Black Health and Wealth Evaluation. With this as a guide, no matter where you are in your business lifecycle, we can show you ways to enhance and better manage your performance.

A Proven Process

Having determined your stage in the business wealth lifecycle, we will evaluate and help you create a master plan for future success. This master plan helps you to communicate and share your strategic plan with key stakeholders. By having regular reviews, follow-ups and informal chats we will ensure the success of your business by maintaining your strategic focus and momentum in the execution of the plan.

We are differentiated by our ability to accurately identify your financial goals and align them with your business maturity and then independently tailor the right solution to help you realise your goals.

Business Wealth Lifecycle

Committed to Success

Our clients are at the core of our business. Having completed the evaluation and identified your needs, we will collaborate with you to prioritise objectives and develop strategies to meet them.

We will help you to continuously manage and strive for your success, monitoring the dynamic trends of the market and providing supportive advice, all with a close eye on achieving your individual objectives.

Strategy and Execution

However you define success, we can help you evaluate both your strategic plan and the steps you are taking to achieve your success.

The following diagram is a great overview of business owners. Take a moment to honestly categories yourself into one of the four categories below.

Strategy and Execution


You have all the strategies in place but you are not executing them.


These business have worked hard to identify a strategic plan, they know the directions they want their business to travel, and with clear goals outlined are executing such a plan effectively.

Out of Business?

You lack both strategy and executive. There could be troubled roads ahead.


You are working hard. Always busy. But you are not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve and you are not being efficient. You lack a clear concise strategy.

We at Harris Black strive to have all of our business men and women in the successful category. We offers services to help businesses transition to the successful category, through regular catch ups, we pride ourselves on your success.

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Since 1994, Harris Black has been providing accounting and advisory services to our valued clients to help them achieve their business and personal wealth goals.


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Harris Black is a key participant in a network of nationally affiliated independent chartered accounting firms called the Brentnalls Group.


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