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We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals. We work collaboratively to understand your challenges and provide strategic solutions conveyed with clarity. Our advice is always honest and practical, delivered with insight and empathy, to provide peace of mind that you are protected.

Help Me Grow My Business

Whether you’re running a successful operation and looking to take it to the next level or find yourself struggling to generate cash flow, Harris Black will work with you to understand your business and optimise your success. Move forward with confidence as we guide you through complexity and drive momentum for your business.

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Help Me Grow My Wealth

When it comes to wealth creation, small decisions can have a big financial impact. Understand your options and accumulate, preserve or transfer your wealth with the support and guidance of Harris Black’s expert advisers.

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Help Me Comply

Whether you’re looking for accounting services to protect and support your business as it grows or effective tax strategies to help you keep more of the wealth you create, Harris Black’s honest advice and practical solutions can help you secure and grow your wealth.

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Did You Know? Main Residence Exemption Is Tricky

Despite owning multiple properties, you cannot simply choose which property is your main residence to suit the best capital gains tax outcome at the time of sale.  In order to claim the Main Residence Exemption from CGT at the time of sale there is a need to establish the property as your main residence.  Generally speaking, your main residence is considered to be the address at whic...

Small Business CGT Concessions (Part 2)

Meeting the Basic Conditions By Bjorn Kirberg To qualify for the Small Business CGT Concession: • you must be considered a “Small Business”; OR • the maximum net assets of your business must be below $6million; AND • the asset being sold must be an “active asset”. So… Is your entity a Small Business? You are a Small Business if you are a sole trader, par...

Having Trouble Finding Staff Right Now?

by Renee BettenayWe are currently hearing from a lot of our clients that they are having trouble finding staff to fill roles within their business.  This often leads to the business owner and remaining staff picking up the slack and working in an unsustainable way which inhibits the business’ ability to grow.   Whilst Australia remains mostly closed to skilled migrants, univer...

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