ChatGPT: The Latest In AI Technology

Chat GPT is artificial intelligence technology, a chat bot that is said to be able to converse like a human, drawing on masses of data and knowledge to do so, write in the style asked for, answer questions and solve problems. You type in a request, and it responds.

The chat bot was originally created for customer service however, people use it for various other purposes too. These range from:

  1. Writing essays

2. Drafting business plans

3. Generating code

4. Summarising text

5. Answering questions that would usually be put into google

6. Creating company names

7. Drafting emails

Some examples of how small business have been using Chat GPT include:

1. Social media captions

2. Product descriptions

3. Website content

4. Email subject lines

5. Blog post summaries

6. Newsletter headlines

While ChatGPT can be used to generate responses and provide information based on current events, it may not have access to more recent or updated information that has been published after 2021. This is because it is not practical for ChatGPT to be pulling data in real time as this would require significant computational resources and time.

See some example results below:

Leadership Diagnostic Tool

Regardless of whether you run a business, manage or are part of a team we all lead in some way. But leadership styles vary greatly, are you a visionary, a great implementer, strategic thinker or team coach? What are the fundamental attributes that set great leaders apart? What are your leadership strengths and weaknesses?

Click Begin Leadership Diagnostic Button below and answer 25 questions to discover your personal strengths to build on and weaknesses to address from 10 key proven leadership success factors.

We are also pleased to be able to share Mindhop’s Business Leader Performance, Trends and Best Practice 2023.

Here you will find tips from business leaders around the globe in the Mindshop community and insights on:

1. What it takes to be a high performing leader

2. Four pillars of success: trends, leadership, implementation & performance

3. Peer tips insights: resilience, productivity, capacity & managing a hybrid workforce

4. How to resetreskill and refire in 2023

5. Business leaders’ top themes for the year, and

6. Implementing environmental, social & governance (ESG) strategies

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Accountancy Insurance – Audit Shield Service

Clients of Harris Black would have received a letter from us offering you the opportunity to participate in our Audit Shield Service. Whilst we make all efforts to prepare your accounts and tax returns accurately, we cannot stop a government authority choosing to undertake a review or an audit.

With government authorities increasingly using data matching with other government bodies, banks, Single Touch Payroll and even companies such as AirBnB, audits and reviews are on the increase.

The Audit Shield service has provided effective financial protection to those of our clients who have been subject to an audit, enquiry, investigation or review from the Australian Taxation Office or any other relevant government revenue agency in relation to lodged returns. Whilst we act as your registered tax agent, you are able to opt into this service.

To understand more about the Audit Shield Services or to opt in, please contact your Harris Black team member

Important Tax Dates

28 February 2023
Lodge tax return for non-taxable large and medium entities as per the latest year lodged (except individuals).
21 March 2023
Lodge and pay February 2023 monthly business activity statement.
31 March 2023
Lodge tax return for the head company of a consolidated group (excluding large and medium), with a member who had a total income in excess of $2 million in their latest year lodged, unless the return was due earlier.

Lodge tax return for companies and super funds with total income of more than $2 million in the latest year lodged (excluding large and medium taxpayers), unless the return was due earlier.

Lodge tax return for individuals and trusts whose latest return resulted in a tax liability of $20,000 or more, excluding large and medium trusts.
21 April 2023
Lodge and pay quarter 3, 2022–23 PAYG instalment activity statement for head companies of consolidated groups.

Lodge and pay March 2023 monthly business activity statement.

Bike Of Life

by Paul Whimp

Sometimes we get stuck on the treadmill of being busy, leaving us exhausted and flat as we realise we are not achieving the goals we intrinsically believe in.  Whilst achieving a great “life balance” is a well coined concept, how we manage to get this happening can be exhausting.

The Bike Of Life is a great little self-assessment to ascertain where your energy is going and where more attention can be directed.

How can we help you?

Today’s financial environment demands a regular review of strategy and a focus on execution.