Time Management

Time management is the process of managing the choices we make regarding the things we do within the time available such that we can maximize the fulfillment and results we achieve. We all have 168 hours to use in a week and some seem to use those hours more effectively than others.

In this video, Paul Whimp, Director from Harris Black, will discuss some productivity hacks to organise and execute around your priorities.

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Harris Black Business Leaders Forum – November 2023

We’re excited to invite you to our next HB Business Leaders Forum on 23 November 2023 focusing on “Agile Strategy: Your 2024 Game Plan”.  For more information on this workshop and to purchase your ticket please click the button below.

In our recent workshop for the Harris Black Business Leaders Forum, we looked at “Maximizing Leadership Performance: Coaching for Success”.  

We covered off the major themes of: What critical business and leadership trends do you need to embrace for higher performance in 2023? What strategies will you implement to successfully navigate continued market turbulence?   

The workshop focused on leadership success and provided valuable insights and updates from experienced business owners/leaders. Participants learned about the latest strategies for harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a leader, identifying and enhancing their leadership style, handling difficult conversations, and driving greater productivity in teams. The workshop also covered effective approaches for attracting and retaining top talent in their organization. All the insights were then drawn on for the final session where attendees’ problem solved key leadership challenges or opportunities each were facing for 2023. All up a fantastic session which all valued.

Personal Insurance: Managing Risk

The following article has been prepared and published by the advisors at Select Advice Financial Planning.  Harris Black has had a long-term relationship with Select Advice Group assisting many of our clients and being situated along side us in the Harris Black offices.

When you envision the path required to achieve your financial goals and objectives, there is probably no doubt in your mind that it won’t always be smooth sailing, i.e. risk-free. For example, there may be both ups and downs, as well as potential obstacles that may arise along the way.

Importantly, how you choose to plan ahead (‘be prepared’) and navigate your way through the rough periods can often make all the difference in the long-run. With this in mind, there are strategies that can help manage risks you may be faced with on your wealth accumulation journey.

In this animation, we illustrate one such strategy, a comprehensive personal insurance plan. In a nutshell, whilst each type of personal insurance (Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Income Protection and Trauma insurance) serves a purpose in its own right, collectively they come together to provide overall protection from an array of lifetime risks.

At Harris Black, we care about our clients financial and personal well-being and encourage you to review your personal insurance needs and polices.  Please seek help from your financial advisers for further information or contact Select Advise who are available to discuss your situation at any time.

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Important Tax Dates

11 November 2023

  • Quarter 1 (July–September) activity statements lodged electronically – final date for lodgment and payment

21 November 2023

  • Lodge and pay October monthly activity statements.

1 December 2023

  • Payment due date for companies that were taxable medium to large clients in the immediate prior year
  • Payment due date for companies that were required to lodge by 31 October

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