Change Success Diagnostic

Research tells us there is only a 30% probability your change initiative will succeed. This is because most business people adopt a ‘trial and error’ approach to change incurring a high cost in terms of lost time, reduced confidence, wasted money and poor resource utilisation. You can however improve this probability of change success…

Developed by Mindshop founder, Dr Chris Mason following an 8-year PhD on the subject, the change success model will identify the following outcomes:

  1. your change potential percentage (an ideal success score being a minimum of 78%) and
  2. which one of the ten change success factors has the biggest gap between where you are NOW and the maximum WHERE score

This report will then help you determine and implement strategies to boost your potential for change success by lifting the scores in your largest gap areas.

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Harris Black Business Leaders Forum – May 2022

Opportunities abound for most businesses in 2022 yet the unpredictable, disruptive landscape each business operates in, makes implementation of strategy challenging.

In our recent workshop for the Harris Black Business Leaders Forum, we looked at ‘Essentials to building and executing an adaptive strategy in 2022’. 

In this forum, we looked at the foundations to a successful, adaptive strategy in 2022 and where you have gaps in your own plans and approaches to execution. We also looked at how you will integrate ESG factors into your plans and why. 

Discussed on the day:

• What’s working and what’s not with your strategy in 2022
Must have in your strategy
• How to integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into your strategies
• Building your adaptive strategy

Overall a terrific day with attendees walking away with clarity on practical ways they can stress test their plans and approaches to execution for the year ahead.

For more information and to book your ticket in our next HB Business Leaders Forum on the 25 August 2022, please click the Book Ticket button below.

HB Tech Space: MS Excel Tips And Tricks

Microsoft Excel is the ubiquitous tool for personal record keeping favoured by all from working professionals to small-business owners which allows users to track information and maintain large databases with ease.

However, as an accounting firm, Harris Black knows it is not always just about the numbers. Despite its popularity, the hidden potential of the Excel spreadsheet continues to fly under the radar.

Below, members of the Harris Black Team have noted down some handy tips and keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier and enrich your Excel experiences!

Formatting of Numbers

Use the Format function to transform your cells to improve readability!

Conditional Formatting – This formula will highlight or find data items based on a particular criteria.


CTRL + Arrow Key – This shortcut allows you to instantly scroll the end of a row or column or even to the end of the worksheet.

CTRL + SHIFT + Arrow Keys – include the “Shift” key to the above shortcut to select all cells in a row or column.

CTRL + A – This shortcut selects all cells in a sheet, allowing you to copy and paste from one sheet to another easily.

CTRL + Page Up/Page Down – Navigate through your Excel tabs using this formula.


Make use of the shortcuts for a simple way to hide unnecessary rows and columns in your spreadsheet.

CTRL + 9 – Hide rows

CTRL + 0 – Hide columns

Insert Column or rows in your spreadsheet using the below shortcut.

CTRL + Shift + =


VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP – This formula allows you to find date in a table based on a selected criteria.

VLOOKUP (lookup value, range containing the lookup value, the column number in the range containing the return value, Approximate match (TRUE) or Exact match (FALSE))

All of the above may prove useful when collating your information for tax time.

Brentnalls Conference – April 2022

With the last few Brentnalls Conferences having to be held virtually, the Harris Black management team were very excited to be able to meet up with their Brentnalls affiliates in person for their most recent April 2022 conference. 

As many of you know, the affiliation is a network of like-minded Chartered Accounting firms from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hamilton Vic, Perth and even Auckland NZ.  Like Harris Black, each of the affiliate firms share a passion for providing great client tax and advisory services and are committed to helping their clients achieve their financial goals.  We meet bi-annually to share, amongst other things, ideas surrounding ways to improve client services, our challenges, successes and learning experiences.

The April 2022 conference was held at Sky City, Adelaide, overlooking the River Torrens and kicked off on day one with an Exec meeting and Tax Team catchup followed by a cocktail party on the Sol Rooftop Bar.  Conference highlights for the first formal day included a presentation by renowned psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, on the 8 secrets of wellbeing and the importance of mental health.  Each of the affiliates also presented their own firm updates with a deep dive into people and culture. The final day included a Tax Team presentation by Harris Black’s Bjorn Kirberg relating to s100A and an open floor discussion during which members of the affiliation shared updates on Trust Reimbursement Agreements based on information on hand.  A wonderful opportunity for the affiliation to get ahead of the issue and address the uncertainties surrounding this topic as a team.

As with all Brentnalls Conferences, there was an abundance of great food at beautiful restaurants providing a perfect opportunity to catch up over a few drinks with our colleagues and friends from the affiliation in person.

Meet The Staff – Lily Powell

Lily is a Personal Assistant at Harris Black working within our admin team who has recently celebrated her 1-year anniversary with Harris Black. She was born in Mt Isa and enjoys lead lighting and copper foiling in her spare time.

Lily’s first job was as a checkout assistant at Woolworths, at the moment her drink of choice is a glass of Pepperjack Shiraz and if she could only eat one dish for the rest of her life, she would choose homemade chocolate mousse. Lily wishes that 80’s glitter and sequin fashion was back in style and would love to one day settle down in Vienna, Austria.

She would love to share a meal in the company of esteemed women such as Betty White, Audrey Hepburn, Pearl Gibbs and Pauli Murray. With no preparation Lily could do a 40-minute presentation on the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter series.

See a snippet from the interview with Lily below:

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