Adopt & Abandon – What Will You Do Differently This Year As A Leader?

Making progress as a business leader in 2024 is as much about what you stop doing as about what you start doing.

Harris Black is pleased to provide you a copy of the 2024 Business Leader Success Insights Report developed by our strategic partner Mindshop. Inside you will find a wealth of insights on how to shape your strategies in the year ahead by prioritising what to adopt & abandon in order to accelerate your performance in 2024.

What three ideas from the report will you adopt and abandon in 2024? If the reports resonates then we welcome a discussion about how we can help address the elements you want to abandon and implement the ideas you want to adopt.

To further guide your growth in 2024 please complete the Growth & Profit (GPS) Diagnostic to discover your top three strengths, top three weaker areas and overall performance score for your business. 

If you have any questions regarding the Business Leader Insights Report or the GPS Diagnostic, please contact your Harris Black team member.

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