Brentnalls Conference – April 2024

In April, the Directors and Managers attended the 54th Brentnalls Affiliation bi-annual conference, held in the vibrant city of Melbourne.

The conference commenced with the Women in Brentnalls committee conducting a panel discussion with new equity owners and allowed them to share their journey so far. Following this, the Tax Advisory and Business Advisory groups came together to share their knowledge and discuss how each firm approaches these areas.

The next two days featured a lineup of speakers covering a range of topics:

  • Demography Insights by Simon Kuestenmacher: Analysing population trends and their impact on business dynamics.
  • Client Relationship Management with Alan Fitzgerald: Strategies for building enduring client relationships and the impact of AI
  • Empowering Advisors of the Future with James Mason: Navigating digital disruption and evolving advisory roles.
  • Navigating TASA Obligations with Robyn Jacobson: Compliance strategies under the Tax Agent Services Act.

The firms presented an update of the last 6 months and covered the operational areas of their firm including marketing, systems and processes and HR. These provide great discussion and an amazing learning experience for all attending.

The Brentnalls Affiliation continues to exemplify the power of unity and collaboration, empowering its members to strive for greatness collectively, while supporting each other on their individual journeys to excellence.

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