Empowering The Floorcovering Industry: Insightful Presentations & Workshops

Renee Bettenay, Director of Harris Black, recently participated in two significant industry events hosted by her client, MJ Sturgess & Co Pty Ltd, a family-owned business dedicated to fostering improvement not just within their own operations but also across the floorcovering industry they serve.

At the MJS FloorTec Conference, which brought together contractors from the floorcovering industry, Renee presented the findings of a group diagnostic aimed at addressing industry concerns and opportunities. She shed light on the industry’s outlook and emphasized the importance of “the Power of One” in business management. Renee also underscored the significance of succession planning for businesses, highlighting its pivotal role in ensuring the longevity and sustainability of businesses and providing practical steps for attendees to take back to their businesses.  The event which was part of MJS Partners In Business initiative was well attended by 165 people in the floorcovering industry.

Additionally, at the MJS National Sales Conference, Renee led a three-hour workshop focused on identifying waste within the business and understanding the impact of small improvements, highlighting the importance of even a 1% enhancement in business operations. The workshop resulted in the development of 90-day action plans for each group, enabling them to implement necessary improvements upon returning to their day-to-day roles within the business.

Renee Bettenay’s contributions to these conferences provided attendees with practical strategies and insights to enhance their businesses’ efficiency and sustainability.

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