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2022 will be a year of exciting opportunities for business leaders and owners as they chart a road forward in a new ‘covid normal’ environment. To succeed, leaders and owners will need to be more agile than ever, doing more with less, reacting to the changing local business environment, saying yes to the right growth opportunities while embracing emerging trends. What will be the biggest opportunity for you?

In our latest HB Business Leaders Forum, we looked at ‘The Road Forward – Unlocking Opportunities for your Business in 2022’.  

We focused on four key strategies critical to unlocking a wealth of opportunities for the attendees and their businesses in 2022. Full of practical strategies, insights and tools, the workshop provided ample opportunities for peers to discuss emerging trends and how they apply to their business and local market. 

Discussed on the day:

• Emerging business trends for 2022

• Practical agile principles critical in 2022 for any sized business to embrace

• What you can change to make sure your current sales and marketing strategies cut through in 2022

• 3 most common areas of ‘hidden waste or poor profitability’ in business and how to address them

• Attraction and retention strategies that work

• Making the number one opportunity for 2022 a reality

Overall a terrific day with attendees walking away with a wealth of practical ideas and strategies to successfully navigate the road forward in 2022. 

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