Harris Black Welcomes – Amelie Smith and Carley Chapman

Carley Chapman and Amelie Smith have recently joined Harris Black to assist our wonderful Administration Team.

Carley has joined HB as receptionist and is enjoying interacting with our valued clients.

Some interesting fun facts about Carley… Her favourite subject in high school was Ancient History.  Without any preparation, Carley can give a 40-minute presentation on cold cases and serial killers.  If she could share a meal with any three individuals, she would choose Princess Dianna, Drake and Tutankhamen.  Aside from necessities, Carley could not go a day without going to the gym and if she had to plan a three-week holiday overseas, she would go to Japan, UK and Mexico.  Carley’s dream car is a Nissan Silvia S15.

Amelie is currently studying her Bachelor of Business (and achieving great results!).  She is working with our Admin Team part time whilst she completes her studies.  Her proudest accomplishment is completing an Accounting subject at QUT whilst in Year 12. 

Some interesting fun facts about Amelie – her favourite subjects in High School were Accounting and Music.  Amelie is also a massive AFL-Brisbane Lions fan and can give a 40-minute presentation on AFL without any preparation.  Aside from necessities, her cat Bella is one thing she could not go a day without.  Amelie is looking forward in coming months in taking a break from Uni and immersing herself in her new role at Harris Black.  If Amelie had to plan for a three-week holiday, she would go to Canada, Japan and France.   Also, her mum’s uncle is a distant relation to Rod Laver.

We are delighted to welcome Carley and Amelie to the HB Team!!

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